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Through interviews and footage of lessons and rehearsals, "Libero Canto – Voice is Breath" draws the viewer into the musical and human evolution of Edvin Szamosi's students both in New York and in Vienna. The care, love, and attention to detail with which the film is made reflect these same qualities in Edvin's teaching. With gentleness, rigor, and humor, Mr. Szamosi guides his students towards ever greater freedom, spontaneity, and authenticity.

Who is our audience?

We believe that this film will be of interest to many different people, among them singing teachers, music teachers, teachers of children, singers, musicians, actors, dancers, anyone in the performing arts, and anyone interested in the arts, pedagogy or psychology. We hope that some people who see this film may want to find out more about the path to free singing, and that some may be inspired to study it.

"Libero Canto, Voice is Breath,” by Andrea Simon


Director's Statement

This is a film about music, pleasure, and life: souls and bodies, hearts and lungs, and the amazing things they are capable of when they are permitted to do what they want.

Welcome to Libero Canto. Are you holding your breath?

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Director's Bio, Andrea Simon

Andrea Simon is noted for visually striking and intellectually provocative work. Her NEH-commissioned film-essay on American identity, TALK TO ME, was praised as "More eloquent than a decade's worth of presidential speechifying...This America sings." (Todd Gitlin, WSJ)

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