Kinga Cserjési, Libero Canto Teacher/Singer


Kinga Cserjési has a master’s degree in choir conducting and in the Kodaly Method from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, and a postgraduate degree in Early Vocal Music from the Brabants Conservatory in the Netherlands. She studied singing with Heent Prins and Edvin Szamosi. She has sung internationally both as a soloist and as a member of various choruses and vocal ensembles, including: Gächinger Kantorei, Germany, with conductor Helmuth Rilling; Ensemble Organum, France, with conductor Marcel Pérèz; Ensemble Kantika, France, with conductor Kristin Hoefener; Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo, Japan, with conductor Nicholas McGegan; and L.E.O. (Last Enjoyable Opera Theater) in Vienna, Austria, with director Stefan Fleischhacker. Kinga is one of the founding members of the Hungarian vocal ensemble, “Bartok’s Roses.”
From 2013 - 2015, Kinga joined Deborah Carmichael as a teacher at the Il Cuore Canta summer workshops in New York. Since then, Kinga and Deborah have been working, teaching, and singing together in New York City. In 2013, Kinga and Deborah founded their duo, “La Compagnia Amarilli.”
Kinga says about Libero Canto: “This approach softened my throat and helped me connect to my body and to myself. It educated me, taught me how to listen, how to be aware, how to let go. With this approach, I can experience my whole self (body, emotions, and mind) as an instrument. During the singing lessons, we have the opportunity to tune our instrument for a nobler and better music making. In rehearsals, we have many playful, experimental ways of exploring the music, with an emphasis on listening. While we are engaged in this process as musicians and singers, we keep changing and evolving as human beings.” 


Photo by: Szirmai Klári